This Just In: Sushi Tastes Like Ass

July 22, 2008

What is people’s fascination with Sushi?  I don’t get it.  People love Sushi.  They swear by it.  It’s something that’s totally passed me by, and believe me, the Guv’ner loves food!

Of course I AM vegetarian….but even the little veggie California rolls are pretty horrible if you ask me.  Which you didn’t.

My question is, who wants to eat Sushi when you could be eating cake or potato salad, or grilled cheese, or chocolate or a nice tasty salad or yogurt or a trifle or practically anything that isn’t raw fish?

Go on, tell me all about the error of my ways.



  1. You are correct as usual, sushi tastes like ass.

    Our caveman ancestors would be pissed if they knew they went through all the trouble of inventing fire and learning to cook food and then found out we were eating raw fish in tiny rice wraps.

  2. I know! I am always right.

  3. Sushi is terrible. Even before I was veg I didn’t like raw fishies. RAW, people – that is some nasty shit. But even the veg stuff is gross – I think it’s the seaweed. Bleh!

  4. THANK YOU MINDY! You might as well catch a fish in the local river and take a big bite out of it. URGH!

    Yeah I don’t get seaweed. It SOUNDS gross and it IS gross. It’s not for eating.

  5. You are all crazy. Sushi it the single most delicious thing ever invented by God or man. It’s even better than cake.

    Sorry. I only speak the truth.

  6. No one is listening to any of you people who don’t even have the sense to use your rights at the top of the food chain to eat meat…and by meat, I mean tigers.

    I yuv sushi.

    And tiger.

  7. You are obviously suffering from a fever, Red. BETTER THAN CAKE???? NO. I refuse to believe that.

  8. Franki: Just say no. Drugs are bad mmmmkay?

  9. uhm…


    I’ll have to think aboout this.

    While i go kill bambi and eat him.

  10. As a former resident of the UK, I really don’t think you get to dictate “what’s delicious”.

    Enjoy that haggis, baby.

  11. Kat: HA! I used to love Haggis when i was a kid. Of course that’s when I went purely on the fact it is DELICIOUS rather than the fact it is comprised of NASTY things… Same with black pudding (blood pudding). That was delicious too till I found out it wasn’t just CALLED blood pudding it actually WAS blood pudding. That ended my love affair with that pretty fast.

    What’s the deal with POUTINE anyway?

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