Things That Go Bump in the…Bathroom?

July 29, 2008

Something caught my eye when I went into the bathroom tonight. It was this little guy, up against the wall by the sink.

You want to believe

You want to believe

He was very still. He was jammed up against the wall trying to be as stealth as possible. He almost got away with it too.

I didn’t let him know I saw him. I’ve been an alien in a strange land myself and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings when he was working so hard to be unseen. But have you any idea how hard it is to pee when an alien is watching you?



  1. You probably need help…but I hope you don’t get it, cuz you’re really funny all crazy-n-shit.

  2. I should really buy some play-doh. I haven’t used that stuff in ages.

  3. Franki: I know it. But I’m happy in my modelling putty insanity! I think 🙂

    Mindy: I had green fingernails all night. It was not attractive. But Melvin (the alien) is sort of cute. They need to make black clay in that range so i can do better eyes…

  4. Don’t get playdoh though, playdoh dries out!

    You don’t want the alien to be stiff and inflexible!

  5. Oh yeah. God help you if your alien isn’t flexible.

  6. Wow. All I’ve got in my bathroom are fancy soaps and a magazine rack.

  7. Alien not flexible? That’s not what Mrs. Melvin says.

  8. Lady: Well I’d go as far as to say that is all one needs in there along with some toilet paper that doesn’t chafe one’s arse and maybe a nice sized bath tub. Aliens are merely a bonus.

    Baroness: HAHA! I’m not going there.

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