Quick and Dirty (AKA: Paris Hilton’s Nickname)

August 4, 2008

I love this Yahoo News headline: Paris Hilton’s mom calls McCain ad “waste of money”

I love it because:

a) who gives a flying fuck what Paris Hilton’s whiny mom says about anything, ever? The most interesting thing she ever did was be the sister of that blonde chick who was in the Witch Mountain movies in the seventies

b)You make a headline for giving your opinion but the news stations don’t think you’re worthy of being called by your own name and call you “Paris Hilton’s mom” because if they wrote “Kathy Hilton” everyone would be like, “Who the eff is that?” Still, a diseased skank being more news worthy than you has to be humbling I guess


c) I doubt Mr. McCain is losing any sleep over your (I’m sure) expert thesis-like critique of his ad campaign.

The only thing I like about McCain is his oven fries and those Deep and Delicious cakes. Mmmmm.



  1. Dopeypants calls Hiltons remarks about John McCains ads, “A waste of breath by a fucking who shouldn’t be speaking about wise decisions considering the skankiness of her daughter, and that she should go back to living in her hotels and drinking her freshly squeezed orange juice with cucumber slices over her eyes by the poolside along with the rest of her out-of-touch retarded richass heiress wives.”

  2. You should be her publicist, dude.

    A fucking WHAT though? I’m on tenterhooks here! The possibilities are ENDLESS.

  3. I meant to say “fucking douchebag” but words failed me!

  4. Words…failed you? Is that even possible?

  5. — The most interesting thing she ever did was be the sister of that blonde chick who was in the Witch Mountain movies in the seventies.

    Wait. Seriously? That’s freaking awesome. I loved those movies! I used to dig tunnels in the snow and pretend I was escaping from Bette Davis. Heh. I was maybe a little weird. Still. That’s hilarious.

  6. Yeah dude, she was one of those damn blonde Richards sisters. Obviously not the talented one… 🙂

    I only saw the first Witch Mountain movie recently actually. I’d never heard of them. So there!

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