The BBC is Classy

August 8, 2008

Woman, 90, fulfils ‘thong’ wish

A 90-year-old woman saw her dreams come true when she was served fish and chips by a man dressed only in a thong and a see-through apron.

The St Austell care home resident’s fantasy was fulfilled by Cornwall Care, as part of its Make a Wish initiative.

The “dish of the day” was served by a male member of staff who volunteered to act as her waiter at Woodland House.

After the meal, the resident said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my fish and chips served by the half naked man.”

Those crazy-assed seniors.



  1. Food and thongs should be illegal.


  2. There’s hope for me yet then!

  3. Franki: Damn right. Especially in the same context. I mean, ew.

    Ma: You stick with the half naked NY firemen.

  4. It’s really so sad this was her fantasy.

  5. Red: I couldn’t agree more. Still, when you’re 90 you probably don’t aim TOO high… 🙂

  6. “I wish I was only 90 again…” was said by my grandpa at his 99th birthday breakfast a few months ago when we asked him what his birthday wish was.

    No doubt he was going to amend it with, “…and had a naked young lady serving me my breakfast,” but perhaps he was too busy salivating at the idea of playing cards and beating all of us and forgot to add it.

    Seems when we get older our priorities get all weird. Or correct. I don’t know. But I’m thinking about breakfast now.

  7. I think this is hilarious. I hope the person who deep fried the meal had more on, because ouch, but the concept of a see through apron amuses me.

  8. Stella: Agreed. There’s nothing quite so heinous (I imagine) as getting hot oil on your danglers. HA!

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