Checking In

July 17, 2008

Good golly miss Molly, I’m a lazy Guv’ner.  I get this new blog all set up and I don’t post anything because my life has been all crazy and I have momentarily lost all my funny.  If I had it to begin with.  If you see it please return it to me, immediately.  You’ll recognize it as it will be a bloody stump crying by a road side somewhere.

So obviously I may have lost the funny but I still haven’t lost the ability to type absurd and obnoxious things or talk about myself in the third person.

I have a little headache today I’ve been cultivating all day.  I’ve tried to caffeinate it and swallowed some Tylenol but it’s insistent on staying.  It may be the very entity that’s stolen the funny.  I don’t know.

Also someone might want to tell me why iTunes is such a little bitch.  I download all my music from my iPod to my current computer and the computer won’t let me play any of the music that I bought from iTunes, even though I’m using iTunes.  It’s not “authorized”.  WTF?  I paid for those songs therefore I should own them like I would a CD.  I should be able to play them whenever and wherever I damn well please, you Hitleresque buffoons.  Apple sucks.  I will go on record as saying this.  If anyone knows of a way I can get those 200 songs to play somehow without having to re-purchase them or download them free illegally, be sure to let me know, otherwise I’m going to go steal them and beat someone up at Apple till their innards explode.

Fuckers.  Goddamn iTunes.


Well Hello There Spunky Astronauts and Astronautesses!

June 17, 2008

Good day good space buddies! It is I, the Guv, embarking on a new blog and a new phase of life! Soon there will be posts here, dripping in sarcasm, reeking of disdain and spiced up with some mischief, but for now I am working on it and about 300 other things, so you will have to be patient you antsy beasts! And yes, as the name suggests, there will be pie (charts at least).

See you in July, amigos!

– Guv’ner Leftypants